Sunday, December 17, 2006

Funnies of the week!

Jase: When I was subbing this week the principle came into my room after school was out and I was cleaning up. Jase was in with me and he said to her..."wow you are very pretty! what cute dimples!"

To which Jase replied, *sigh* "Hey mista! I don't have nipples!!"

Mase: His FAVORITE thing to do is to call my name a million times until I finally answer him. Well I had been getting mad and eventually yelling "WHAT???" at him. So he found a way to break me by answering my mean yelling "WHAT?!" with "I just wanted to say I love you." *gulp*

Bren: HAD to have a bra....had to have one. Her nipples were rubbing against her shirt and she is sensitive there. So we got her one...well one of those little girl ones. So in the middle of her basketball game she runs over to me in the stands and I am thinking "what are you doing??"

She reaches in her shirt and takes her bra out through her sleeve and hands it to me....saying "here, I forgot to take it off."

Me: Um Bren, it's and athletic bra, you were supposed to wear it in the game.
Her: (looking at me like I'm an idiot) MOM! Ugh...nevermind just take it.

LOL....still haven't figured out that one!