Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Hub Gets Funny!

I'm a dancer, and when I watch SYTYCD I get a little emotional at really moving performances. That's why I try to watch it by myself late at night, so I can cry when I see a beautiful Contemporary routine.

The Hub is NOT a dancer. HAHAHAHAHAH...I have to laugh here because his two favorite moves are the Cowboy (gun hands shooting from the hips) and the Indian (feather hands on top of his head). *sigh*

Tonight I HAD to watch it with him in the room and one of the judges got a little emotional at a performance and The Hub was making fun until he turned to see my eyes all misty too. He was like, "Really??"

Then he closes his eyes emotionally and begins to go into this very "emotional" dance performance for me....needless to say it changed my tears of joy into tears of laughter in a split second.

Thank you honey for all the laughs you provide every single time you try to dance!!
*especially your deeply emotional performances*
Love you!