Monday, February 26, 2007

It's me...I'm the idiot!

So it's really rare that I am the funny one, and when I am it is usually due to stupidity rather than comic genius.

Having said that: I was running a garage sale with my mom and it is tradition that we make a run for Daylight Donuts as soon as the sun comes up. After all, you're up anyway due to those super duper committed shoppers (aka cheap skate fanatics) that show up at SIX AM!!!

So my dad comes back with the donuts and Yoohoos. Now, what's the FIRST thing you do to a Yoohoo.....YOU SHAKE IT. You have to get all that chocolaty goodness off the bottom. Little did I know, my mother (being the sweet mother that she is *sigh*) opened MY YOOHOO and handed it to me. She shook it first of course.

However.....when someone hands you a Yoohoo, and you are trying to explain something to a cheapskate that wants to talk you down from A DOLLAR......what do you do? You don't look to see that the Yoohoo is already open....that's just silly!

So YES, I shook the Yoohoo RIGHT INTO MY FACE! Almost half the bottle ended up in my hair, my nose, and all over the stupid trinket that the cheap skate customer wanted for 25 cents. Of course all 15 people, including my own flesh and blood mother and the customer that I wanted to shove the dadgum trinket down her throat, laughed laughed laughed.

Yep, laugh at the idiot woman who shook a Yoohoo in her own face! Oh that's some funny stuff! In fact, TBS would say, "I think you definitely have a hilarious moment there....have yourself a really good laugh."

I'll wait til you're finished laughing.