Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The very rarely seen and easily spooked Butt-Ox!

Bren thinks she's pretty clever lately.

The other day she came into the kitchen and I was bent over cleaning up something and I heard her whispering behind me in an English accent:

"Now, we have to be very careful so as not to spook it, but this is the rarely seen Butt-Ox. Famous for the noises it makes..."

It went on for a while.

Then tonight she and I were sitting on the couch watching our Bravo shows and she farts rather loudly and immediately spanks her butt and says "Vina, that is enough! You calm down!"

Me: Did you just name your butt MY name?
Bren: Yep...it fits.

Again, I love being the "butt" of her jokes. Pun intended.

Oh and a BIG thank you to Uncle Travis for teaching our kids to come out of the bathroom and say to someone "I just went poop and when I was done I turned around and named it (insert person's name)". That one NEVER gets old around here apparently!