Saturday, February 12, 2011

An Interrupted Call...and...The F Word.

These two Kid Funnies are brought to you today courtesy of Bren and Jase:

Tonight Bren was asked to bless the food and just as she said "Dear Heavenly Father" Mase decided he needed a napkin and asked for one. Bren was highly offended by his interruption.

Bren: You just interrupted my call. I was already connected and you just cut off the line.
Mase: (just giggles)
Bren: I'm still on hold ya know, He is listening to you giggle.

Last night Jase and The Hub attended a daddy daughter dance. On the way in, the weather being super cold, Jase clung to dad in hopes of staying warm until inside.

The Hub: It's freakin' cold, huh?
Jase: Yeah. I wish I could say the F word.
The Hub: You mean freakin' right.
Jase: Nope, I mean the real F know, the F.I. word. (we are guessing she meant F.Y. for obvious reasons)