Thursday, January 29, 2009

You DON"T want to go to Judy!

So Jase is explaining to me that she learned about 911 calling in school. Then she goes on to tell me some very interesting "extra" facts about it.

Jase: When bad guys break in, you call 911 so they won't steal your necklaces and earrings, and you give them your address and say come right away! But if you call just to see if they will come and there aren't any bad guys...that's when you go to Judy.

Me: Judy? OHHHH you mean Juvy! *ROFL!!* Where did you hear about Juvy?

Jase: iCarly.

So lesson to all you kiddos out never want to go to Judy!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

"Your Fly's a Shoe?"

Mase came in this morning and The Hub pointed out that his fly was down by saying, "Son, XYZ."

Mase was clueless. The Hub stressed and pointed with his eyes, "XYZ." Again, clueless.

Mase: What are you talking about?
The Hub: Your fly is down, check your fly, XYZ.
Mase: Nooo, you say "your fly is a shoe."

*all of us....what??!!*

Mase: In the movies when someone says "your fly is open" the person looks down at his your fly is your shoe.

As you can imagine we will be laughing about this for a LOOOOONG time!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

And then she humbles us!

At the dinner table we have a tradition of going around the table with questions like "If you had a million dollars, what would be the first thing you'd buy?" Each one of us asks a question and then each of us have to answer each question.

Tonight's question from me was "Since we will soon at least not have to worry about money anymore, one less problem, then what BIG thing would you like to do or see or get?"

Mine: I want a cabin somewhere that we own and go to 4 times a year or so with a boat and it be our family tradition.

Bren's: I want to go to Disney World and Universal Studios.

Mase: I wanna go to Sea World.

The Hub's: I want to go on a African safari.

Jase's: I want to buy new scriptures in all different sizes so that we can have a choice and if we need them bigger or smaller we can just have them already and we'll read them more.

*slinks under the table*