Thursday, June 22, 2006

RUN SON....I'll sacrifice myself!!!!!!!!

We were standing in the rotunda in my husband's medical school and I was speaking with a group of female students. Unfortunately, they were a group of severe feminists. Why is that unfortunate? Well, because I have children that can't keep their traps shut!

My son walks up to me and says, "Mom, why is that girl wearing that thing around her neck?" He was pointing out her stethascope (sp?).

"Because, Son, she's going to be a doctor," I said very excitedly.

To which he replied, "But girls aren't doctors, they're nurses!!"

Well that just sent a wave of fury through the bra burning crowd. After calming them down, I told them that it was their father's fault and I would have a GOOD talk with him when I get home. That seemed to satisfy them.

However, lets hope my husband survives the day and doesn't receive any unexpectant attacks! LOL
Poor guy, he doesn't even know it's coming!!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Their Own Language...

I just love the little words that kids use for things. Here are a few of the "words" used around our house and a few old ones from when Bren was a toddler.

Mase's Words:

Tastic - Cactus
Livening Room - Living Room
Pewter - Computer

Jace's Words:

Pee-uh-reena - Ballerina
Wadoo - Water
Titty Tat - Kitty Cat

Bren's Words from Her Toddler Years:

Pissy - Prissy (my poodle)
Afart - Apart (from the Dragon Tales rhyme)

And recently she said "I'm persaded to think so." So Persaded = Persuaded LOL

Also Mase speaks with an S his S sound is SH...which is just hilarious. We love to have him say "Sally Sells Sea Shells Down by the Sea Shore". Hee Hee Hee!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

My 4th child...Kiko.

Yep, I have a 4th child. Her name is Kiko, and she is 10mths old. She is a true blue "Island Cat"...meaning she was born on the streets of St. Maarten and lived as a stray for the first few weeks of her life until the entire litter was picked up and taken to the shelter. I have to blog about Kiko for two reasons: First, she is the most AWESOME cat in the world (I hated cats until I met her), and second, she is the funniest cat EVER!! Which officially qualifies her story as blog worthy.

We actually went to the shelter to get a small dog. But we had to pass by the kittens to get to the dogs. Well of course my kids had to stop and look and "oooh and ahhhh" over the kittens. Which I can appreciate the cuteness of kittens, just
don't have that "got to have one" feeling in me like I do with dogs.

In the last pin, this absolutely CUTE kitten comes right up and rubs against the cage trying to get us to pet her. My kids went crazy with "I want to pet her!!!" So the lady gets her out...much to my inconvenience...and lets them pet her. Then she hands her to ME....HELLO, don't like cats!! But it was too late...this beautiful little BIG EYED kitten was purring in my arms and she rolled over on her back, exposed her belly with legs spread wide and accepted a belly rub. Oh this girl was really putting on the show! Just then the lady said, "She is the best one of the litter, very friendly, and tomorrow she will be here three months, so she gets the SHOT tomorrow."

Excuse me! Don't try to butter me with "the kitty will die tomorrow" crap!!! Then I looked down and the kitten literally meowed at me....a sweet "please lady, take me home" kinda meow. And my heart melted.

So we brought Kiko home the next day, after a quick operation to make sure she didn't produce more Kiko's. When we got her she was 3 mths old and so tiny....maybe 4 pounds...maybe.

NOW...7mths later....she is a whopping 12 pounds of silly kitty! And the vet told me Friday after her declawing operation (she tried to kill my chihuahua...apparently hates dogs) that she is still growing. WHAT??!!

Anyway, Kiko is so hilarious. This is how she sleeps:

This is that beautiful face I fell in love with:

She has super sonic ears and when ever she hears me sweeping, she comes running and slides through the pile that I am sweeping up RE-SPREADING it EVERYWHERE!

This was what she did the first time we met and her favorite position to get a belly scratch:

And for some UNKNOWN reason, Bren loves to squish her face and call her George this is her George Bush impression...LOL:

Anyway, this is my wonderfully goofy and sweet little kitty. She is currently mad because she has no claws, but if she hadn't gone for Daisy's jugular then she might still have them!