Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Their Own Language...

I just love the little words that kids use for things. Here are a few of the "words" used around our house and a few old ones from when Bren was a toddler.

Mase's Words:

Tastic - Cactus
Livening Room - Living Room
Pewter - Computer

Jace's Words:

Pee-uh-reena - Ballerina
Wadoo - Water
Titty Tat - Kitty Cat

Bren's Words from Her Toddler Years:

Pissy - Prissy (my poodle)
Afart - Apart (from the Dragon Tales rhyme)

And recently she said "I'm persaded to think so." So Persaded = Persuaded LOL

Also Mase speaks with an S lisp...so his S sound is SH...which is just hilarious. We love to have him say "Sally Sells Sea Shells Down by the Sea Shore". Hee Hee Hee!


Carrie ~ ckbraveheart said...

haha! My friend in elementary school used to say "aminal." And my brother couldn't say baby when refering to our little brother, so he would call him "Bobby Jeffrey."

ubercyl said...

My little sis always said "misputer" for computer and "pisketty" for spaghetti.