Thursday, May 27, 2010


My children have been making me laugh for almost 13 years now. Many times the laughter is later, after the embarrassment of the moment wears off. For instance Jase talking about how she has a dimple and two nipples in the store the other day, much to the cashier's joy! But they keep my life light and full of joy!

Before that, my family always kept me laughing. My brothers are the types that would break out into a fabulous 70s rock song and dance right in the middle of a family gathering...for no reason. And my oldest niece has a sense of humor very near to mine...of course I'm funnier! All of the girls in my family will fart on your head just as fast as any of the boys...and yet we have a classy side. LOL! I just love my family!

I also love to laugh with my best friends! Even if it is when one calls me her endearing nickname for me "hooker" or when 3 others sit around a campfire and discuss my Southern heritage right in front of me...hello, I'm right here and don't make me wear my Mums to your funeral because I will!

I truly believe laughter is a very important part of any family. There are members of my family who don't care for me and say I've changed since I've learned that the Gospel is pertinent to a happy life, but I can still laugh with them and make them laugh in return. Laughter makes all the nasty comments and the sore wounds go away...even for a moment.

So today remember to laugh with your family, your friends, even laugh at yourself. You'll feel better and little by little you'll heal any parts of you that are broken.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What a sweet little smart *ss boy!

I've always wanted a birthstone ring...always. But alas, my birthstone happens to be one of the rarest and most expensive of stones: Alexandrite. And I refuse to purchase the cheap man-made stone that is pink/purple instead of red/green.

On Mother's Day I was telling my kids that they could all save up and give me a birthstone mother's ring someday. They asked me how much it was and I told them that single carat stones can be close to $10K. My girls gasped. My son however just smiled and sweetly said, "You already have a birthstone ring, Mom." Ummm, no I don't. "Yes you do." Nope, pretty sure I don't. "Yes you do, (puts hand over my heart) it's right here in your heart." Then he giggles profusely.

He thinks he is so funny.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Let's talk ranking, shall we?

My 7 y/o comes to me after playing on a public playground and says, "Mom there are really bad words written all over the playground. Like f***, s***, d***. (SAID them)
But there was a really bad word I need to spell: H.E.L.L. (SPELLED it)"

Hmmmm. Apparently the H word is waaaay worse than the F word. I feel a talk coming on.