Saturday, October 27, 2007

On the way to church.

On our way to a chili cook off today this was the conversation in our van:

Mase: Mom, why do I have to call it my private?
Me: Because it is your private area.
Mase: But Jase and Bren have privates, mine is different cuz I'm a boy.
Me: Ok what do you want to call it.
Mase: My weiner.
(*snickers and snorts*)
Me: That's not very nice so how about your penis.
Mase: That's what I pee out of but what about those bubbles under it...they're balls right?
(*louder snickers and snorts*)
Me: Yes, but let's call them testicles.
Mase: So penis and tecticles...okay that works.

Jase: But he does have balls, Mom, and they are under his weiner.

(*rolling laughter by this time*)

Will we ever outgrow the penis and ball joke stage? Ugh!