Thursday, December 25, 2008

And what would Christmas Morning be.....

...without a little Jase-ism????

Jase opens her stocking and sees lip gloss but it looks a lot like MY concealer.

Jase - Is it for my nipples?
Bren - WHAT? *giggle*
Me - What?
Jase - My nipples on my face. Not the hole ones (remember that she calls dimples, nipples)
*everyone laughs hysterically*
Me -'s lip gloss, not for your PIMPLES. Nipples are on your chest, dimples are the holes in your cheeks, and pimples are the red bumps.
Jase - Ohhhh. It's LIP GLOSS!

The Hub - yeah, and it's not for your nipples, on your chest OR the ones on your face!

My word!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Winter Poem

I just found this beautiful winter poem and thought it might be a comfort to you. It certainly was to me, and it is eloquence without equal. It really captures my own feelings about winter.


a poem by
Abigail Elizabeth McIntyre

SHIT, It's Cold!
The End