Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Polo Shirts and JFK

Last week we learned that not one of my kids, nope, not a SINGLE ONE, is as intelligent as I initially thought.

Mase:  Hey, Mom, did you know that the thing on Polo shirts is a guy playing Polo on a horse?

Me:  Um, yep.

Mase:  Yeah, I always thought it was a Centaur until last week.

Jase:  It's a guy playing Cricket on a horse, Mase.

Me:  What??  You don't play Cricket on horses.  And Mase, you thought it was a Centaur all this time?

Jase:  You don't play Cricket on a horse?

Me:  No, that's Polo.  Cricket is played on your own two legs.

Mase:  Always looked like a Centaur to me.

*Bren gets into the car and hears our conversation*

Bren:  You don't play Cricket on a horse?  Well what's the dude on the shirts playing?


(okay, so I was a little exasperated at this point and my belief in the intelligence of my kids was being washed out to sea)

A collective "ahhh, I did not know that" sweeps through the car.

Then Jase, who is playing Badly Drawn Faces, pipes up and says, "I need help on this one, Mom. Who is JFK but with darker eyebrows?"

Me:  (looking at the face) That's Mitt Romney honey.

Jase:  Ok, then who is JFK but with big ears?

Me:  (looking again) That's not JFK, that's Prince Charles.

Jase:  Ok.  (long silence)  JFK with squinty eyes?

Me:  Honey, that's Bill you even know who JFK is??

Jase:  No.

*beats head on steering wheel*