Friday, May 19, 2006

Aha! I have hit the Recorder stage!

And I am NOT happy about it! That's right, Bren is bringing home the Recorder to "practice" (I use that term lightly because it is really to drive me nuts!)

Seriously, I think that is what music teachers have in mind when they send those wretched flute wanna-be's home. They KNOW we will hate it...and you know they probably hate it too, so thought they'd share the feeling with parents. Well how nice is that??? (dripping sarcasm there)

So Bren toots, she tweets, AND she squeeks. Oh I L O V E the squeeks. (again...pure sarcasm here)

Here is a typical song:
Toot, Toot, Tweet, Squeek, "wait I messed up", Toot, Toot, Tweet, Squeek, "GRRR I messed up", Toot, Squeek, "WAIT", Toot, Toot, Squeek, "OH I HATE THIS STUPID THING" (then she storms out of the room and returns once she is calm to START ALL OVER!!!) Oh yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, it goes on and on, like the song that NEVER ends, and the music teacher is somewhere laughing her stupid head off in the silence of her own home! (If only I knew where she lived...)

I can only just sit patiently and wait for the upcoming concert to be over so that the evil little instrument will remain at school where it belongs...well actually I think it belongs in Hell's burning inferno, but I have found I do not always get what I want.


Heather said...

Haha- I hope we miss that one- I never had to play them so maybe my kids we be lucky.

Meemer said...

I thought really hard about violin lessons for Harry. HMMMM, maybe NOT.

Linsey said...

Oh man! I hated learning the blasted recorder! They still do that!?!?!

Stacy said...

My mom can actually play it really well! lol And there were two ladies at church once who played it for a Sacrament rest number!

But I don't envy you and the squeaks!

Sunny said...

LOL! I remember learning to play the recorder. I never thought how it may have affected my poor mother though! Yikes!

Crazy and lovin' it said...

I hate RECORDER music. Stinks and they think it is so beautiful. Fourth grade it hit our house... Sad, Feelin sorry for your ears.