Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Neighbor Kid From Hell!

So we just moved into our new house. The kids and I are really loving it.
Then my ds meets this boy that he knows from school...YAY he has a friend his own age! NOT! This kid needs a spankin and I may just do it and risk getting arrested!

My oldest, Bren, comes in and says,
"Ok Mom, this kid is out of control...he said crap about 50 times, he tried to kick Mase in the nuts and said "NUTS", and the clencher....he said my dog was ugly! Get rid of him or I'm gonna punch his lights out!"

Well, first, her dog is the kid is being honest there. LOL But I get onto him and then he behaves.

Well this morning, I get up and let the ugly dog out...hee hee...and just as I shut the door and turn around IT OPENS! The little butthead just walks in, and luckily I was wearing PJs!! I told him how rude that was and sent him on his way and I think he is terrified to come over anymore, but GEE WIZ!

I never would have imagined such a small little boy could be such a pain in my butt!


Olivia said...

oh, neighbor kids. Don't get me started on them! My house came with three of them that I could do without..... Best of luck to you!

MusicalMom said...

YIKES!!!! That's one reason I always keep my doors locked. Our neighbor's 2-year-old kid did that once this summer when Stormie left it unlocked.