Friday, January 19, 2007

We're Funny Again--Thanks for the prayers!

So my VERY redneck dad is in's why:

Jase: I have a boyfriend (she's 4)
Mase: Who? (6yrs)
Jase: TJ
Mase: He's can't date brown people.
Jase: Yes I can!
Mase: NO you can' can be friends, but you cannot date or marry a different color!
Mom: (overhearing the above) Excuse me! Who told you THAT?
Mase: Grandpa.
Mom: Well you listen to me....(begins 30 minute lecture about how we are ALL God's children...which I think I lost him after the 1st 10...but he got the point)

Me: Umm....Dad, we need to talk.
Dad: What.
Me: Stop teaching my children your racist redneck ways...I hate them and I will not have you teaching them that!
Dad: (well I really cannot write what he said or what I said back or what he said then and then what I replied get the point.

And that is what I have been up against all my Dad is very set in his old ways of thinking and we butt heads about it often. But I think I made my point as far as my OWN children go. We'll see.

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AJ said...

Good for you for standing up to racism and teaching your kids. I miss your stories and input!