Sunday, June 29, 2008

Good luck with that Jase!

Mase has been learning some colorful ways to refer to his "parts" by the little neighborhood boys. His latest referal is "my nuts."

Jase was getting into the bath the other night and talking to the Hub:

Jase: Dad, why does Mase call his things his nasty nuts?
Hub: Well he says nuts, not nasty nuts, but that's a crude way to say it.
Jase: Today he said he has nuts in his penis. That's disgusting! When I grow up and get married, my husband will NOT have nasty nuts in his penis! That's disgusting!

Never a dull matter how old they get.


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Katie said...

I needed a good laugh tonight and reading through your blog completely satisfied my needs! You and your family CRACK ME UP!!!! I hope our paths cross again one day for longer than just a few months like on the island.