Thursday, March 26, 2009

My NCAA Woes

After a long day at work,
I come home to relax with a little TV.
But alas I cannot,
For the room is filled with basketball "yippees."

I wake to a beautiful morn,
Enjoying the promises of a new day.
But instead I'm soon frustrated,
At my sons shouts of "hooray!"

Shall I explain to you,
How the Hub records them all?
And now every single game,
Is watched in my home all day long!

My shows are not even on,
And reruns aren't exactly my fave.
And it's not like we're getting family time,
Because Final Four is ALLLL the rave!

Can you tell that I'm growing angry,
And that I should really seek help?
Because if I have to watch one more stupid game,
I may do something I cannot help.

*yes, I rhymed help with help...get over it!*

1 comment:

SD Chick said...

One reason why I'm glad Hubby does not like watching sports.