Monday, April 13, 2009

Just a couple of laughs:

Mase's friend came to the door and knocked. My mom, who is visiting from Texas, called for Mase to answer the door. Mase took his time, so Mom once again called to him to answer the door for his friend. Mom yelled one more time. Mase came around the corner and looked straight at his grandmother and said in a very agrivated way, "Momma D, you gotta stop being so Texan. Up here, we Michiganians don't just rush to open the door!"

The other day we were riding with a couple of our friend's kids. Their oldest boy is 12 and has quite a mustache for a 12 year old. Mase saw it and said, "You have a mustache!" "Yeah, I'm 12," said the boy. Mase answered, "But Bren is almost 12 and she doesn't have a mustache."
*Bren was very displeased with his observation.*

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