Friday, December 04, 2009

Funny things this week!

Let's see, how do I narrow this down?

Bren: She is such a growing young girl and is starting to, ahem, develop. YIKES! And deodorant is becoming a morning necessity. So yesterday we forgot to use deodorant, and this was her statement to me when she came home:

Bren - Mom, you forgot to remind me to use deordorant!
Me - My apologies for being such a slacker mom! *said only slightly in mocking manner*
Bren - Mom! This is very important, I must protect my social status...the nest at the top of my tree. *walks off shaking head*
Me - What? Nest at top of tree? *obviously a slacker mom AND clueless!*

Mase: He is so funny these days. When we watch So You Think You Can Dance, he always makes me pause it and then he does his own mocking rendition of the dance. He even pulls the passionate faces and everything. Makes me laugh so hard!

But let's be honest, it wouldn't be my children if there wasn't an off color moment now and then! Sooooo...

The other night we were all kneeling to say prayers. The girls and Mase were kneeling on the beds (Mase was in there just to pray). The Hub asked Mase to say the prayer, and as he is saying it I feel The Hub's body shaking slightly. I opened a squinted eye to see him laughing almost hysterically to himself. I nudged him for being irreverent and let Mase finish his prayer.

After, The Hub explained that, and I quote, "I was fine until I opened my eyes and there was a one eyed monster staring at me from across the bed!" Apparently Mase's boxer shorts didn't quite, how shall we say, provide the modest protection needed. We still get tickled when we kneel for prayers, though we have since bought Mase boxer-briefs to ensure that his sisters don't get completely "grossed out". LOL!!

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