Saturday, January 30, 2010

And age old argument.

Bren: Ouch! Stupid! You kicked me in the crotch!
Mase: Sorry, but it didn't hurt, Bren, you're a girl!
Bren: Yes it did! We have pee pees too, stupid!
Mase: (in amazement) You do? Oh yeah, just not like mine.


Kascia and Travis Lybbert said...

Funny that you posted this because Asher was just asking me this very question today! "Momma have pee pee, too?" Is he a little young to be asking me about this??

And he likes to admire his quite often. He always says in a very low and gruff voice, "So big pee pee Momma, so big!"

I think they all must be related?? It's got to be the Lybbert in them, wouldn't you agree Vina?

Hey, I hope you are all doing well! I feel bad this is the only way I communicate with you! Miss you all and hope to see you before our kids are all grown up!!

Coleen said...

I found your blog via the Next Blog button up top, and I am glad I stopped in. This post cracked me up. I need some humour in my life so rest assured, I'll be back!

Sophia Noel said...

I am reading your blog and loving it. This is so funny. I'm almost sixteen but reading this I can remember my fights with my brother when I was little. My blog is similar to yours only a little more from the childs point of view. I am trying to make it humorouse though I could use some advice. I've just started it for an english course i'm taking. I hope to see more posts from your blog though I cant find the "follow" button on this blog.