Monday, August 07, 2006

I'm sorry...But did that just come from YOU??

I will admit it...though not proudly...we are a gassy family. No really, you have NO idea!

I being the least mind you, the other four are totally Truckers! Even our cat Kiko can run you out of the room.

Let me elaborate. One day while traveling home from church, all of a sudden this thumping starts. The Hub is looking around at the car, I am with him thinking "Oh no...another flat!" The noise grows louder and we actually start to pull over. Only now the whole back seat is suddenly roaring with laughter...and as the laughter grows the thumping gets faster and is finally recognizable.

Me: Bren! WAS THAT YOU?????
The Hub: NO WAY! That was HER?
Bren: (laughing uncontrollably) Uh huh! (tears are streaming from her eyes)

Seriously, we actually thought we should have her examined by a doctor after that. The Hub still high fives her for it. *sigh*

Oh's another one. The Hub lets one go one day and my son, Mase, yells out: "Hey! That sounded like that duck!"
Bren: Oh yeah it did! Aflack! (said in her best impression)

Oh then we had laughing and more attempts at recreating the "aflack duck" sound AND NOT WITH THEIR MOUTHS! *yet another sigh* Did I mention the Hub is in on it? I didn't...well he is.

Even my 4 yr old Jace passes gas like a big ole Truck Stop Trucker...on command...*sniff*

The only time I really enjoy them damaging the Ozone with their trumpeting is when we are around the Hub's parents...who don't draw attention to such things, even when my mother in law let's them slip all the time and everyone in the room keeps deadpan faces. Because it is MY children (said proudly now) that point it out.

"Eww grandma you pooted!" "Grandma pooted!"

Oh yes, revenge is so very very sweet! (my thought as I exclaim "children, that is rude, stop that"...but I put little effort in stopping them. *evil giggle*)


Heather said...

ROFL!!! Oh poor, poor grandma!! (NOT)

Lee said...


Meemer said...

I love it when kids toot! It makes me laugh no matter what. When dh, not so much. He is just gross.

Vlyb said...

ROFL...Meemer...I totally agree!