Wednesday, September 13, 2006

How Does It Look?

My blog that is? I thought it appropriate since we are ocean junkies for the time being. But it was super hard figuring it out on my own...I might have said a bad word or two.

So my Kid Funny does NOT come from my own kids comes from a little boy I babysit. He is 6, with a thick Polish accent (think Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory), and he looks like a 70 yr old man LOL.

He LOVES women!! Seriously, I can sometimes feel him undressing me with his eyes and it is VERY unnerving! He's a sweet little boy but man is he a dirty little thing already.

So he was with his parents on the French side of the island, and they were standing near a group of 3 French women, nearly naked. So this little boy goes over to the women and circles them, drooling, and saying "oh mama" and other things. And before his dad could discipline him, he landed a big wet kiss on one of their butts. His parents were horrified, the women were laughing, and he was being dragged off...tongue to his knees...smiling a drunk little smile.

I am SOOOOOO glad I was not the one with him! But we seriously sit in Time Out 4 or 5 times a week due to him trying to kiss my girls or for calling me Sexy. *sigh* My oldest dd blacked his eye by moving at the very last minute when he closed his eyes and went in for the kiss...he landed in a pucker on a chair with his head. Poor little guy! LOL


Heather said...

Oh my gosh!! I would have died if that was my son. Makes you wonder what in the world he hear at home....

Chapman Family said...

LOL, I'm about to pee my pants! That is the funniest thing EVER!!!! I ca't wait for Scott to get back fom school so I can tel him. You always have the funniest posts!!! That so made my day!! Thanks! -Tiff