Wednesday, September 06, 2006

In Honor of 9/11...

Christopher Hugh Forsythe

Christopher Hugh Forsythe was 44 years old when he died in the Twin Towers 5 years ago this month. He had moved to Basking Ridge, New Jersey, just three years prior, but Chris had worked in places such as Madrid and Mexico before settling in New Jersey. He was originally from Longon, England. Chris worked as a Foreign Exchange Money Broker employed by Cantor Fitzgerald.

It took 3 alarm clocks to wake Chris up in the morning. His wife, Tessie Molina, would tease him about his morning waking habits. Between the two they had two teenagers: Mrs. Molina's son, Jose, and Chris' daughter, Kirsten. The couple mainly spoke Spanish in the home, though it took Chris a while to catch up to Tessie's speed in the language.

You couldn't help but be humbled by all the comments left on various sites on the internet about Chris. One friend, simply labeled Mark, says of Chris and a friend that died along with Chris that day, "again what can one say about "fosdick" [Chris] when i entered the city in 1986. he along with the sadly missed cossack, took me for my 1st lunch...the city sadly lacks characters like these... " On another site, I suddenly found it hard to swallow that lump in my throat when I found regularly posted messages from Kirsten to her father. During my research I tried to keep emotions out and take an objective approach, but after learning of Chris' character and of how many people loved him, I couldn't help but feel sorry for those he left behind. Chris was a good can't research him and not learn that.

It is an honor to be a part of this wonderful tribute to those that fell 5 years ago on American soil. I knew no one on a personal basis that died on 9/11, though I cried for all those that lost their lives. However, after this, I will now carry Chris with me. And just like all the others, his spirit lives on in the voices and memories of his friends and loved ones. It is our duty as Americans to take the time to remember is the very least we can do.

Where ever you are Christopher, you are loved and missed greatly!


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