Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Because I'm Republican I'm Automatically Stupid?

That's apparently what Donald Trump thinks. When asked to comment on the Rosie/Elizabeth fiasco, Mr. Furry Head himself said (and I paraphrase), "Elizabeth is already known as the dumbest person on television...blah blah blah...she's for the war....and she's really over her head on most subjects." OH.MY.GOSH.

I am just so damn tired of Hollywood's Democrats referring to anyone Republican as ignorant, stupid, dumb, etc. I usually shy away from political rants for several reasons, but today, my friends, is NOT that day. Buckle up...it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

First and foremost, let's get to the main point. It's the lesser of two evils either way you go. There's just as much voodoo coming from the Democratic party as there is the Republican. So what makes a Democrat feel as if he/she is on such a higher plane than their counterparts? I have no answer to that, but that's been the trend for a very very long time, and now Hollywood is shouting it out loud...taunting Republicans.

Now here's where I really want to take this rant: In no way form or fashion do I want ANYONE in the entertainment business to use their entertainment "platform" to go off on some political tangent. You're paid to ENTERTAIN....shut the hell up and do so! I have to listen to politicians enough...I should NOT have to hear it at the Academy Awards, during performances on talk shows, or during concerts. And I should NEVER have to hear it on a day time talk show, where two women who know NOTHING of politics lose their senses and nearly claw each other's eyes out. Wait...now the eye clawing WOULD be entertaining.

Anyone else tired of Hollywood and the entertainment industry moonlighting as a team of political experts? Anyone else find this absolutely ridiculous and exhausting all at the same time?

So I say to them...to those fine souls who found Hollywood not as fulfilling as the political careers they really dream about (yeah let's see them give up their millions to become a politician...hahahahaha!):

If you don't like our president....FINE...just don't sing about it!
If you want to call America a terrorist country...FINE...just do it off air!
If you hate the war in Iraq...FINE...just don't drone on and on and on, endlessly, about it!

In short....just shut the hell up and ENTERTAIN me! That's all I want out of you...nothing more, and nothing less.

And I'll let the "your dumb if your Republican" theory go...it's impossible to fight pure ignorance.

There...rant over.