Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Get your priorities straight, Illinois!

Right when we crossed into Illinois on our road trip, we stopped at a gas station for drinks. Bren asked for a YooHoo. I went in and the lady had NO idea what that even was. *gasp* I refrained from exclaiming, "You don't know what a bottle of chocolatey watery goodness is???!!!!"

So I got in the car and told Bren they didn't know what a YooHoo was. Then about an hour down the road we passed a Hooters:

Bren *completely disgusted* - "OH! They don't know what a YooHoo is but they sure know what Hooters is!! Way to go, Illinois!!"

Um, Bren, how do YOU know what Hooters is? LOL!


MusicalMom said...

I love yoohoo's! I grew up with them, but then they didn't carry them where I lived as a grown up. :(

disa said...


I LOVE YOU said...


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