Friday, April 25, 2008

Mase got his first cup!

And every single Friday night and Saturday morning he's walking around the house, in his jock & cup, telling us to "go ahead, hit me in the private, it won't hurt me!"


taffi said...

LOL... has anyone taken him up on that yet? When Munchkin had to wear his cup for baseball, the coach would do 'bat checks' to make sure the boys were, ah, properly protected. Munchkin would inform me that even with a cup, a bat to the groin still hurts. LOL

~V~ said...

LOL Taffi! And embarrassingly enough, yes, my dds have taken him up on the offer...gladly. LOL

a husband said...

This blog is hilarious! Just stumbled across it through a couple links. Thanks for sharing about your hilarious kids!