Thursday, April 17, 2008

We're knee deep in funny around here!

The latest catastrophies:

1. I went to lunch with a good friend and luckily she's a bit irreverent because Jase found it necessary to draw a pic of me and it happened to be a nude pic....frontal view, complete with hair. THAT CHILD!!! She hasn't seen me naked in 3 years!!!

2. I was bent over washing Mase's hair the other night, and I had a low cut shirt on. He politely, very politely, asked me "Mom, why do your boobies look like a butt sometimes?" Cleavage lesson number one!

3. On the way home from picking up our dog that was spade, the kids were asking what a uterus was. I was explaining all about spading and neutering. I then explained that human boys don't get their testicles cut off, just animals. This is what followed:

Mase - What are testicles again.....oh yeah that round thing under my penis.
Me - Yeah but you have TWO of them. *giggles from girls*
Mase - (very seriously while looking out the window) I know...I played with them once.
Me - (trying not to laugh with the girls so as not to encourage them) Oh really?
Mase - Yep, I played dodgeball...tried to make one hit the other one in that sack their in.....but it hurt so I quit.
*girls lose it here and there is just no controlling them*


Goat Girl said...

ROFL!! Those are great!

Anonymous said...

I cracked up when I read this. Then I let Tim read it and I was LOL at much he was laughing. He said it was great!!