Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Watch out Batman...

...Random Man strikes again!

Mase was driving home with the Hub and this was the conversation without a single second delay between one question to the next:

M: Dad, how old do you have to be to go in the Army?
H: 18
M: How old was Uncle Danny?
H: 21 I think.
M: How old are you when you go to college?
H: 18, after you graduate HS.
M: When do you graduate high school?
H: 18
M: Do you smoke in college?
H: Some people do.
M: Did you?
H: No.
M: Did you meet Mom in college?
H: No, we met before.
M: Do you know what the scariest city is?
H: No.
M: New York, cuz they use subways and cabs.
H: Oh really.
M: LA and Las Vegas have subways too.
H: Yep, yep they do.

Then the other day Random Man strikes twice in one day!

Mase comes in and says to me, "Mom, how old are you?"
Me: 34
Mase: And now add 7.
Me: Ok, 41.
Mase: RIGHT...that means you don't know how to wrestle! *walks off*


I was putting on my makeup and Mase comes in to pee. While peeing he says, "Mom why do girls wipe their privates?"
Me: Because we have to....
Mase: (interupts and while still peeing) Because you don't have a penis to direct it?
Me: Yes, exactly.
Mase: Does it run down your leg?
Me: Well no, not if we're sitting down....but it does need to be wiped....just because, Mase.
Mase: Oh, ok. *shakes it off, zips, and walks out*

And apparently Random Man has a sidekick called Random Little Sis:

Dad, I just thought of this, dark people are brown and brown people are dark and that means they can't hear.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY CHILDREN???? They make good grades, have friends, play sports....but apparently have super human random powers!