Monday, May 16, 2011

Of all the things to repeat in the whole movie!

We were watching a movie the other day and it was PG so we thought nothing of it. However, somewhere in the movie one character told the other to "stop being a pussy."


The entire movie was FILLED with little catch phrases that were more appropriate. But then not everyone has a Jase in their house.

So of course, being the kid that she is, she immediately says out loud, "stop being a pussy!"

When Bren and Mase laugh, and The Hub's and my eyes pop out of our head, she explains simply, "it's short for pussycat, right?"

Needless to say we paused the movie to explain that we do NOT tell anyone at school to stop being a pussy, even if we say or mean pussycat!

We are now awaiting the phone call from the school saying she did just the opposite when she went to school today. *sigh*

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