Thursday, May 26, 2011

When times get rough...Jase is always there for a laugh!

Tension has been high in our home for a couple of months now. But Jase is always there to break the tension with fits of laughter. God bless that child!

Bren, Jase and I were in the kitchen and they were watching me as I cooked. Out of no where Jase says "Mom, you know how some people have a bootie chin, well you have a nose like that. It has two little humps with a dent in the middle."

*Bren is already choking with laughter...shut up Bren!*

"Um, did you just call my nose a 'butt nose'"?

Jase, "Yep."

Bren, "Jase, that was mean."

*Um trying to take up for me through fits of laughter is NOT working!*

Me, "Hey if I can live with the nickname I had growing up, then I can live with having a butt nose I guess."

*My name happens to rhyme with vagina...oh really, take your time and get it all out...laugh your butt off....better? Let's move on shall we.*

Jase is laughing at that. So Bren says, "you don't even know what vagina means."

Jase, "Yes I do! It's your girl stuff!" *so there!*

Me, "Yes it is the correct term for your girl stuff, like penis is the correct word for boy stuff."

Jase, "But wanker is WAAAY more fun to say!"

*Ahhh, moments like this are moments I treasure!*


Gaylene said...

I have to agree, wanker is way more fun to say.

~V~ said...

I kinda like wanker myself.