Monday, August 22, 2011

We are officially a FEATHER FREE family!

That's right...even though I am a hair stylist, my girls have outlawed feather extensions and are now on a mission to stop the injustice!

Here's what happened:

We went to Claire's today to buy a gift for someone. Bren asked the salesperson if they had feathers in stock.

"No, but we will in a couple of weeks. We have to wait for the birds to mature first."


Bren: Birds...mature....what do you mean?

Me: Bren, where do you think they get the feathers? They get them from farms that raise birds to eat and then they use the feathers too.


**insert major outburst about hating the store mixed with comments from me about the birds are going on the dinner plate anyway**

So fast forward to now, Bren is making a sign for our front lawn that says "Don't buy feather extensions, they kill the birds just so you can look cool!"

And then this...

Mase: Wait, I don't understand, why can't they just keep the naked chicken as a pet.

*I'm still recovering from that one*

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Snow E. Day said...

I totally agree with her!!!!!!