Monday, April 17, 2006

The Conversation from hell...why do I bother??

So I was gonna be a good mom this morning and sat down all cuddled up with my kids and asked them what they would like to have special in their house when we build. Here is how that simple question turned into a fiasco (sigh):

Me: Son you go first.
Mase: I want a ninja turtle castle with the orange night ninja, the red night ninja, the blue night ninja....wait, no I already have the blue night ninja....and...
Bren: (interupting) No! She doesn't mean toys! She means things like doors and hideouts.
Mase: Oh ok then, well I want a darth vador soup. (which means suit but he has a lisp).
Bren: NO NO NO!!
Me: Bren, it's ok. Mase you can have your suit. Ok Jace's turn.
Jace: I want a princess castle with a princess dress.
Bren: NO!!!!!!!! Mom!!!
Me: Bren they don't's ok.
Bren: Listen to me guys! She means tunnels or secret passageways. Like this, it's my turn, ok... I want a secret room under the stairs that has games in it and is all mine. Then I want a tunnel that goes up and out of it to a tree house.
Mase: Oh YEAH! I want a tunnel out of my room too.
Bren: And my tunnel and Mase's tunnel will connect.
Mase: Cool! (thinking) Can I still have the soup?
Bren: (sighs and falls over exasperated)
Me: (not knowing whether to laugh or shoot myself) Yes son, you can have your soup.

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