Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Then DON"T ask me!

Bren and Mase are sitting here drawing together...their favorite past-time. Bren loves to be challenged and said to me, "Challenge me Mom...tell me what to draw. Only make it hard."

Here is how it went...I don't make this stuff up folks...my kids are just this exhausting!

Me: Draw Herbie.
Bren: Mom, that's too hard.
Me: Ok draw Daisy. (our dog)
Bren: No.
Me: Kiko. (our cat)
Bren: Mom...be challenging!
Me: (sighing) Ok, draw our view of the lagoon. (ocean, mountains...should be challenging)
Bren: No, it's dark I can't see it.
Me: Then draw what you think the mountains look like where your aunt and uncle live.
Bren: (SIGHS AT ME!) I'll just surprise you. (and ROLLS HER EYES!)

Where did I go wrong here????


Rachelle said...

LOL! Your stories make me laugh! What cute kids!

Doulabean said...

Too funny!

Linsey said...

We can never win, huh???

Vlyb said...

Ya know Lins, I am beginning to think that my kids think I am an idiot. I am refraining from showing them my resume's education history! LOL!

Stacy said...

You definately have a GIRL on your hands!