Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Jace Is Now a Sailor....Compliments of Mom!

I have GOT to watch my mouth more! Here I thought I was doing so much better...I have stopped saying some of my favorite words and was working on the few I have left. But apparently not in time for my beloved three year old.
Ahhh my little nosey, bossy, 3yr old girl! And now I have to add foul mouthed to that list. Ugh! Allow me to share the story with you....CAUTION, bad words ahead!
So we decided to go out to eat as a family tonight...it was such a fun day and we were all in a great mood. We were driving in the car with the windows down, laughing, and a GIANT bus pulls up right beside us and HONKS his stupid horn. Well I had been biting my nails at that time and he scared me when he honked and I bit my finger. So I yelled "thanks JACKASS!" So my 3yr old yells "yeah JACKASS!" Ok...breathe, I know what I did wrong, so I say "honey, momma should NOT have said that, so don't say it anymore." Well she argues a little and I get on to her more but try to blame my own potty mouth for it. She finally decides that she isn't winning this battle and says "Mom, you piss over me!" Which really threw me for a loop, because what in the living hell does THAT mean???? But I calmly ask "honey don't say that word, but what are you trying to say?" And then dh whispers to me, "ummm maybe she is saying you're pissing me off". Ah hah! Yes, I bet that is it! Well she HEARS him.....WHAT IS WITH THE SUPER SONIC EARS ON KIDS THESE DAYS??...and says "yeah Mom you're pissin me off!"
Ok so I get a little tougher and I remind her that soap tastes bad but that is what she is getting if she doesn't stop saying bad words. I am also trying to keep from laughing because she is just mad at me and cussing me out....my 3 YEAR OLD! Kinda cute, in a trailor trash sort of way!
So we continue on our drive, everyone is quiet, and my 3 yr old says "well sh*t!" Well, EVERYONE is laughing now, even my dh, and I am just blown away. Dh keeps saying, "it's YOUR fault!" and laughs more. NOT HELPING HONEY! Ok my little girl is now cussing like a sailor! Perhaps she heard that from me........but HELL, I quit ALLLLL my other vices, and I am working so hard on this one, I am NOT PERFECT, SHUT UP!
But I really do need to work a little harder on my mouth. Otherwise I may have problems when my sweet little 3 yr old starts preschool and the teacher calls me because she just taught the class a few choice FOUR LETTER WORDS!
I can just hear it now "umm, yes, Mrs. L, I know you are going to be very upset about this, but your dd taught the other children how to say jackass today, and well, she wasn't speaking of the donkey type." Geez!


lazymama said...


Lei said...

Rofl... my ds repeated something I should not have said the other day. Totally mispronounced it, too... :P

Jane said...


my 1st grader got sent to the RC (responsibility center) because he said that "B" word at school. And the sad thing is, I don't cuss. I have no idea where he heard that. But we got a good laugh out of it.

emlouisa said...

rofl! My mom got after me the other day for saying the s word when the baby fell off the bed.

Meemer said...

dude, what IS with those supersonic ears on my kids too!