Monday, July 03, 2006

Poor, Poor, Momma D!

My mom is called Momma D by her grandchildren. She is really the BEST grandma ever...besides her mom who was my grandma and she is hard to beat!

Anyway, she has 16 grandkids and 10 great grandkids (give her take a couple) she is destined for moments like this:

One of her great grandaughters was staying the night with her and they were lying in bed watching a movie. Somehow they got on the subject of being old and my mom said, "Hey! Momma D's not old!"

Her ggd saidso simply and lovingly, "No, you're not old Momma D...but your neck is." My mom now puts anti-aging creams on her neck! LOL

It just reminds me of the times when I played with the loose skin on the back of my Mammaw's arms, or loved to jiggle her earlobes. I dread the day when something looks old on me and my grandkids point it out.

Jace is bad enough at pointing out my flaws NOW!


Mama Darlin' said...

Pure honesty, can't beat it. LOL!

Sunny said...

LOL. I remember my mom being so upset when I was 6, and told her in awe that her leg shook like jello. Now it's come back to haunt me :) Nothing like a child's frankness and honesty!

ubercyl said...

Can we pick which body parts age first? We could choose the ones that are hidden, like our butts.

Lee said...

ROFL! My neice said to my MIL (Nana)
Nana your BUTT is HUGE!!
It rocked.

Darci said...

I wish we had diffrent names for all the grandparents. My girls each have 2 sets of great grandparents and 2 sets of grandparents. It gets confusing. They call my dads parents grandma Kay and grandpa Jim but the other ones are just confusing.

Stacy said...

I also played with my grandma's RS arms!