Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Who is her mother????!!!!!

I hate to do another post so soon, but Jace completely EMBARRASSED me today!

We were asked by my husband's medical school to be interviewed on camera for a marketing campaign they are doing. The kids were to be with us. So we got all dressed up and practiced our good behavior...you know the bit.

Well they wanted to interview the kids first, ask them all about life here on the island and what they like best. They asked each kid to say their name and spell it. This is how it went:

Bren: "My name is Bren B-R-E-N."
Mase: "My name is Mase M-A-S-E."
Jace: "My name is Jace....ummm.....A-S-S."

She's THREE! She doesn't know how to spell her name, but apparently she can spell ass!!

ROFLMBO!!!! They said they'd edit that out...after they got through wiping their tears of laughter.


Rachau said...

Roflmbo.Thats so cute!

Taffi said...


MusicalMom said...


That is priceless!!!!

Meemer said...

isn't this your sailor kid? LOL! *wiping tears of laughter from my eyes*

Vlyb said...

Yes...this is my sailor kid. She's earned another strip ya know...I believe she is what ever is just above and Ensign (sp).

Momto5munchkins said...


Darci said...

Oh dear that is funny. What a funny kid. my 3 yr old said S&%# Head yesterday and my jaw hit the floor. I have no idea where that came from. But I am praying that she said Shirt Head.

Mama Darlin' said...

Thank heavens for post editing!!!

Char said...

I'm seriously PIMP. He he he.